Musings On A League For Justice

Look. let’s just do this the easy way. Who doesn’t love a Pros/Cons list? Here we go! (TL;DR, I liked it with some LARGE caveats)


Wonder Woman – Duh. Wonder Woman continues to be awesome. She is easily the lynchpin of the entire DCEU. Here’s my favorite part of my screening: it was about 60% full. 90% of that 60% were men. The first time Wonder Woman showed up, there were cheers. It was awesome.

Aquaman – I remember the first time I saw a Justice League trailer I immediately commented to someone, “Aquaman is going to steal this movie, isn’t he?” Well, I was basically correct. Jason Momoa just owns the character, and has probably the biggest laugh in the whole film. I did have one issue with his story, but I’ll get to that in the next section.

Alfred – Jeremy Irons is the perfect blend of wise assistant and smarmy British dude. He was fantastic.

Superman – Ah, Superman. The Superman we get in Justice League is the Superman we should have had all along. Henry Cavill is brilliant. He reminds you of why Superman is the icon that he is, and why he means to people what he does. His chemistry with every other character in the movie is top-notch. I want more of him!

Batman – But not for the reasons you think! As anyone who knows me know, I cannot stand Batman. Well, good news, he could not be more pointless in this movie if he tried. He is basically a billionaire Uber driver for the members of the team who…do stuff. If you took him out of the film completely it would make NO difference whatsoever. Yes, this is a pro to me.

Cyborg – Really didn’t think I was going to like him, judging by what I saw in the trailers. Color me surprised. Ray Fisher really brought something to this character. His is the only solo story that we haven’t seen yet that I care to see. He also has a line at the end that will make all my fellow Teen Titans Go fans laugh.


The Flash – This is a minor con. If there was something between pros and cons, I’d put him there. Ezra Miller was fine. He just wasn’t nearly as funny as they clearly thought he was. His schtick kinda got old after a bit. I do think my opinion of him was hurt by how great Grant Gustin is on TV. Granted, TV’s The Flash is one of the worst superheroes ever, but Gustin is terrific. It’s not fair to Ezra Miller to compare the two, but that’s what’s going to happen.

The Story – Or the lack thereof? Seriously, the story is the worst. There’s just nothing to it. And on top of that, it made me hate Batman V. Superman EVEN MORE. Considering I think that’s the second-worst comic book movie I’ve ever seen, that’s saying something. Had BvS not ended with that ridiculous ending we wouldn’t have had to spend the entire marketing campaign pretending Superman wasn’t in this movie, and then spend the first half of it without him.

The Villain – The less said of him, the better.

The CGI – Hoo boy, it is ROUGH. It looks like CGI from a decade ago. It is really a spectacle, and not in a good way. It all looks like a knock-off Gears of War sequel. And Henry Cavill’s upper lip! Oh man! Wait…

HENRY CAVILL’S UPPER LIP – HOLY COW, this thing is distracting. For those of you who don’t know the story, he was filming another movie while filming some of the JL stuff. The other movie required him to have a full-on 70’s pornstache. As a result, they had to use CGI to get rid of his manly stache digitally. It is…bad.

Aquaman’s Story – So, like I said, Jason Momoa is amazing. I guess they were hoping that his presence alone would make people want to see a solo Aquaman movie (which it does for me), because they gave us no reason to care in here. The politics of a civilization that hasn’t been seen onscreen before this movie don’t interest me a bit. You gotta give me more than that.

The Look – The movie is pretty ugly. Those filters and that color saturation are just bad.

No Moment – This was the biggest one for me. There was no “moment.” In Avengers you have that incredible shot where the camera is circling them all as they Assemble for the first time. In Guardians you have the slo-mo walk down the hall set to “CHERRY BOMB.” In Thor you have the lightning hitting him when the Destroyer is about to take him out. In Wonder Woman you have the No-Man’s Land scene. In Man of Steel you have that gorgeous shot of the cape swirling from the back. There’s something awesome in all of these films, but it just doesn’t happen here. I kept waiting for it. Superman has a pretty great entrance at one point, but you can see it coming from 100 miles away. There is one team shot, but it’s at the end, after everything has been decided. Not good enough!

All in all, I enjoyed it. When taken with the rest of the DCEU we’ve seen so far, it’s ONE HUNDRED BILLION TIMES better than BvS and Suicide Squad. It’s better than Man of Steel. It doesn’t hold a candle to Wonder Woman. Second place isn’t bad! I am, at the very least, intrigued by the future. Oh, and the two stingers in this film are two of the best in any comic book movie yet. I guess this is where we are with the DCEU. A movie with this many flaws is still a hearty recommendation from me. It’s fun. You’ll probably like a good bit of it, if not all of it.https_blueprint-api-production.s3.amazonaws.comuploadsstorythumbnail52443ee80d850-1159-4e75-85ef-5e1aba490014

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