Injustice 2

I’m not a big fighting game guy. I have never been able to just main one character enough to get really good with them. I don’t have the patience. Plus, in a fighting game with a big roster, there’s too much possibility staring me in the face for my attention span to stay with one character. Because of all of that, primo single player content has always been of supreme importance to me when playing a fighting game. Basically, thank the Lord for NetherRealm.

NetherRealm revolutionized story content in a fighting game with 2011’s Mortal Kombat game. They iterated on the formula in the first Injustice, MKX, and now Injustice 2. The basic gist is you’re playing through these huge stories and getting a chance to play as almost every character in the game as you go. It is a fantastic way of going about telling a story at the same time as giving you what amounts to a demo of each of the characters.

If you missed the first Injustice, it’s basically an alt-reality take on the DC Comics universe where Superman goes bad. It’s like, “What if Superman was a HUGE JERK?” It was a tremendous game, with a fantastic story. This new one picks up some time after the conclusion of the first. Superman is still a huge jerk, but Brainiac is the real threat here. The story goes places and does things. No spoilers up in here, folks.

The gameplay is largely the same, from a single player standpoint. There is still a large roster of characters. Characters you’re probably sick of, like Superman and Batman, as well as some that a lot of people probably aren’t too familiar with, like Swamp Thing and Atrocitus. There are still over-the-top, freaking awesome, powerful super moves for each character. Some involve you getting chomped on by a giant Venus Flytrap, getting pounded by a big, green mech, or getting dragged around the sun and laser-eyed through an asteroid into the ground. You know, grounded, realistic stuff. There are still cool environmental interactions and stage transfers. If you loved Injustice, the second one isn’t going to disappoint.

As far as from a content standpoint, it is a fighting game, so violence IS the game. There is some blood, but NOTHING like the Mortal Kombat series that NetherRealm is known for. There are some character deaths, but nothing overtly gory or bloody. The violence is really no worse than what you would see on The CW’s Arrow or Flash shows, or what you saw in Batman v. Superman. The language is what I would call minor. There’s some occasional PG-level stuff, and one “s-word,” but nothing much else.

The one area that would give me pause if I were the parent of a younger kid is the presentation of the female characters. It is a comic book game, not that that’s an excuse, so almost every female character MUST have cleavage showing, or have tight shots of their butts as they’re facing away from the camera. This game is nowhere near as bad about that stuff as most comic book things are, but it’s still there. I know they would say that they’re staying accurate to their source material, and that’s mostly true, but it’s still irksome.

The story does go to some dark places, but nothing at the same level as the first game. The first game was a very dark story of friends fighting friends. This one is much more fantastical, so some of those personal elements are gone. As I said above, some characters do die, so if that’s something your kid is sensitive to, be prepared.

I really loved this game. The story is great. It’s not too long, and when you’re done they’ve added TONS of stuff for you to do after. A lot of different modes and options for you to mess around with. They’ve added some character customization options complete with a full-on loot box system, so you can give your Swamp Thing giant horns if you desire, AND WHY WOULDN’T YOU? It comes highly recommended.share

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